Six Signs of a Stellar Catering Service

Whether it's an intimate wedding or a business function with hundreds of guests, it's important to provide excellent catering for the event. However, finding the right caterer can be difficult. From offering a variety of food to a variety of services, choosing the right catering service can make or break an event. If you're in need of catering, here are six things to look for in a stellar catering service.

Variety of Food

The best catering services offer a large variety of food from which to choose, and work closely with clients when planning the menu. This is especially important, since you might have people who need special accommodations due to religious or medical diet restrictions.

Food Safety

Not only do you want a good variety of food at your event, but you want to make sure your caterer is following the necessary food safety guidelines when transporting as well as when serving the food. Look for a service that provides their own equipment, makes use of an on-site kitchen, and serves both cold and hot foods.

Necessary Equipment

In most situations, catering services will provide buffet tables, warmers, cutlery, crockery, and other equipment and furniture needed for an event. This is especially important for small events, where you may not have enough furniture to accommodate guests. High-end catering might provide their own rolling trays, or racks for trays and storage. More casual dining will often just have recyclable or waste materials for you to take care of after the event.

Adequate Staffing

For any event, a stellar catering service will have adequate staffing, including wait staff, servers, and other personnel. The caterer will often have the staff dressed to reflect the theme of the occasion. Look for service that looks formal for indoor events or more casual if you are just doing a small party.

 Attention to Detail

The best catering services pay close attention to even the smallest of details, both in pre-planning and during the event. This is especially important during the event, so you'll want to make sure the caterer fixes enough food for all your guests, keeps everyone served to their satisfaction, and cleans up the area once your event ends.

Great Customer Service

If there is one thing you don't want at your event, it's a catering service that offers poor customer service. Whether that entails rude or unmotivated staff, or a failure to have great food, make sure your catering service prides itself on providing great customer service.


By keeping these tips in mind when choosing a catering service, you'll greatly increase the chances your special occasion will indeed by special for all the right reasons.